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Volunteer Opportunities

Match your Talents with a CVN Team

Each team has a list of tasks, large and small, that keep things moving. We need your talents with tasks that support seniors in their homes, assist our office, develop and support our programs and events, and more.

Interested in one or more of these volunteer positions but have questions?
Contact us initially to get answers and discuss opportunities.


Transportation Team:
Drive members Mon to Fri (9 am-4pm) within the service area to:

  • Medical visits
  • Grocery shopping
  • Library
  • Hair/barber salon
  • Friend's homes
  • Social/Cultural events


Care Team:

  • Give members a friendly call daily to stay and touch and discuss their needs.
  • Visit potential members to answer questions and discuss their needs.
  • Meet with members in their homes to see how they are doing.


Technology Team:

  • Instruction on how to use basic electronic devices like phone, TV remote, etc.
  • Learn basic skills such as email or how to send/receive photos, Skype, etc.
  • Troubleshooting


In-Home Assistance Team:
Help members in their homes with minor repairs/tasks such as:

  • Change HVAC filter
  • Change fire alarm or CO2 alarm batteries
  • Replace hard-to-reach light bulbs



Marketing Team:

  • Refine & implement Marketing Plan
  • Support work of all teams with print, email, newsletter, farmers markets, and social media
  • Target messages to specific populations


Finance/Operations Team:

  • Provide project management to keep us on track
  • Implement Business Plan, including Village budget
  • Track finances


Fundraising Team:

  • Identify funding sources
  • Network with organizations and vendors to identify donors and sponsors
  • Raise cash reserves for ongoing expenses
  • Write grants


Office Team:
  • Answer inquiries
  • Schedule services
  • Follow up on visits
  • Maintain databases and records
  • Help with computer entry

Volunteer Team:

  • Identify, recruit and train volunteers
  • Deliver presentations on volunteer opportunities.
  • Provide feedback and show appreciation for volunteer efforts


Membership Team:
  • Develop/implement plan for recruitment
  • Maintain forms and documents
  • Evaluate member satisfaction

Outreach Team:
Help members in their homes with minor repairs/tasks such as:

  • Update and maintain website and Facebook
  • Email communications, newsletters, event reminders, volunteer hours reminders, and fundraising appeals
  • Provide website and social media content
  • Staff a table and answer questions
  • Host an info session in your home for friends



Activities Team:
Develop educational, health-related, social and cultural programs and activities

  • Seminars on various senior topics
  • Art and crafts
  • Receptions and teas
  • Movies/Games
  • Special interest groups
  • Fitness activities


Events Team:

  • Organize annual volunteer appreciation event
  • Organize bi-monthly socials
  • Greet or register members at an event
  • Arrange an informal get together
  • Take photos