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Who We Are

Charlotte Village Network is part of a national movement supporting more than 40,000 members in over 200 villages throughout the world who are redefining how we age. Together we provide the support older adults need to remain in our homes and socially engaged.

We are volunteers, members, partners, givers, supporters, vetted vendors, donors and community leaders. We are the future.

What Area Do We Serve

Our service area was initially established based on U.S. Census data to serve the part of Charlotte that has the highest number of older adults. The interest in Charlotte Village Network has grown beyond that area so our service area will be dynamic and growing. It was enlarged in December 2017.

Our Mission

“The Charlotte Village Network creates a support system around residents as they grow older empowering them to enjoy life to the fullest, while living in their own homes, in their diverse and multi-generational communities.”

Our History

The Charlotte Village Network team began exploratory development in 2014, was founded as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation in August 2015 by a steering committee of dedicated citizens, and since then has recruited volunteers who support and lead our efforts through our Board of Directors and Committees. We are actively recruiters, members and leaders.

Annual Report 2017

Charlotte Village Network publishes its Annual Report at the close of each fiscal year. Please let us know if there is additional information you would like to receive. Charlotte Village Network Annual Report 2017  Contact President

Board of Directors

Mary Ellen Fleming, President

Kim Gossage, Treasurer

Heather Porter, Secretary
Jim Kimbler, Immediate Past President

Alison Starkey
Cindy Hostetler

John S. Reiter
Deryl Smoak
Brittany Kearney
Joe Giordano

Advisory Council

Jay Buinicky, Carolina Senior Transitions
Jaynie Segal, Waltonwood Cotswold
Ken Fleming, First Light Home Care
James Young, CPA
Tracy McGinnis, Southminster

Want to learn about becoming a Board Member?

Contact the President at

Our Committees

  • Executive
  • Outreach
  • Membership
  • Volunteer
  • Fundraising
  • Evaluation

Want to serve on a committee?

Submit a Volunteer Application PDF and you will be contacted for an interview.